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0001203621010_morguefileAround 60 % of adults are overweight in the UK, with a quarter of all adults being clinically obese…

Do you want to lose weight without feeling hungry,  and eat food that tastes great ?

I am 42 years old and 5 feet 7 inches tall
I was around 13 stone
I currently weigh 9 stone 10 lbs

I have lost around 3 stone in around 8 months and will be able to maintain/increase this weight loss.
Diet Fast doesn’t involve starving yourself or eating reduced fat foods (although of course you can if you want)
It is based on Science, it really works and you won’t ever have to go back to eating food that makes you fat.

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How you ask ?
Because Diet Fast doesn’t involve starving. It involves eating tastier food than you were eating before. So you will have no desire to eat the food that was previously making you overweight.
I am dedicated to helping people lose weight quickly by providing visitors with a weight loss plan including recipes with full instructions. I will also provide you with an expandable exercise program.

The information on this site is free but please buy my kindle book to learn more.

The Secret
The Fat you eat will only be stored on your body when you eat it with carbohydrates (sugar or starch) if you eat fat without carbohydrates it will just pass through the body.

To combat the problem of fat + carbs there are basically 2 different methods.
Per meal (or for the whole day) you can either -

Eat food that is high in carbohydrate but low in fat  – this is fine and is like most standard diets  for example, ham salad, or pasta with homemade tomato sauce.
Eat full fat meals with no/low carbohydrate – believe it or not this actually works and this is the basis of my program.

The Benefits of weight loss

We all know being overweight is bad for you – it reduces your quality of Life.

But there’s more bad news. Research has shown it can also lead to a multitude of diseases and problems, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, arthritis, back and joint pain and depression.

Being overweight comes from eating fat + carbohydrates  (sugar or starch)

Sugar itself can cause irritability, mood swings, asthma, arthritis, heart disease, cholesterol, gallstones and endocrine problems. It will cause hypoglycaemia and type 2 diabetes eventually.
It leads to obesity, tooth decay, hair loss, insomnia, allergies, manic depression and cardiovascular disease, hypertension and colon and pancreatic cancer.
It also gives you spots !

So try to break the sugar craving cycle.

Losing 5-10% of your body weight or more can vastly improve your health

Following my diet plan you will receive the following health benefits (not to mention looking better and fitting into clothes)

Increased Energy level  – even though you are not eating carbs or sugar you will have boundless energy.
Reduce aches and pains
Improve your mobility, breathing and general fitness
Improve your blood sugar levels
Help you sleep better and wake more rested

It will also most probably

Lower your cholesterol levels (despite eating fat)
Reduce your blood pressure, prevent angina
Decrease your risk of death from heart disease or stroke
Prevent Type 2 diabetes

You are going to be more confident, productive and motivated.

You will Save Money – sugary snacks, carbohydrates and chocolate cost money you can save by not eating them – think of it like giving up cigarettes.
According to one American website Slashing just 100 calories a day from your diet will save you an average of $175.20 a year (that’s a £115)

It can also Improve your Career -
“If your boss and colleagues see you eating healthily, you’re going to look like an outcome-driven leader,” “It sends a message that you want to be successful. That you’ll take care of business the same way you take care of yourself—effectively.” says one PhD behavioural therapist.

The fat on your stomach that is often referred to as middle-age spread or a spare tyre is called visceral fat. This fat only accumulates in the central region of the body – the stomach and around the internal organs. Visceral fat is the worse type of fat for your health.

A body mass index chart (BMI) will show if you are overweight or obese. However it is now thought that a better indicator of health is your waist measurement.

In 2010 the American Cancer society did a study that looked at statistics for men and women over 50.  The analysis showed a relationship between big stomachs and terminal illnesses. It said men with a waist larger than 47 inches and women with a waist larger than 42 inches are twice as likely to die early than  people with smaller waists.

Recommended waist measurements from Diabetes UK  are -
Women: 31.5 inches (80 cm)
White men and black men: 37 inches (94cm)
South Asian men: 35 inches (90cm)

So by keeping your waist below these measurements you will of course receive health benefits and probably live longer.

Current guidelines state that you should exercise for 1 hour a day 4 days a week to get in good shape.

But exercise alone will not work – you won’t ever get that six pack they promise. Because you can eat far more calories than you can burn.

So the only way to lose weight is either by not eating fat OR by not eating carbohydrates (especially sugar) either of these will enable you to lose weight and improve your health. To further increase this improvement you can also do some exercise.

The simplest, tastiest, route to weight loss is to follow my diet plan.

I have provided a list of food ingredients and a daily meal plan. Vary them during the week to avoid boredom. Use the menu links to find out more about the diet. If you follow the meal plan to the letter you will definitely lose weight (at least 2 pounds per week and to start with probably a lot more) and you will not feel hungry.

Good Luck





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